About Stonsil™

Stonsil™ is an innovative product that removes tonsil stones in a simple and safe way. The Stonsil™ pipette and rubber can remove tonsil stones after the first use and provide immediate relief. The pipette was created for home use. When used regularly, it helps keep your mouth and upper respiratory tract healthy. The effectiveness of Stonsil™ has been confirmed by otolaryngologists from around the world who recommend using the product every day. To keep it hygienic and effective, Stonsil™ should be replaced every 6 months.

Advantages of the Product

Stonsil™ is the only product on the market which can be used to remove up to 100% of tonsil stones easily and safely. It is recommended by experts from the entire industry for daily and home cleansing of tonsils and the oral cavity. The Stonsil™ pipette is made of top-quality high borosilicate glass, which is safe and therefore widely used in medicine. The suction force used to suck in the stones located in the tonsil crevices can be easily regulated with the rubber. It is easy not only to assemble and disassemble Stonsil™, but also to clean its parts thoroughly after each use. Regular use of the Stonsil™ pipette stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminates the typical symptoms caused by tonsil stones and prevents their re-formation. The product is easy to use, and its compact and two-piece design allows for easy transport.

How to Use

Before each use, make sure that the pipette and the rubber part have no visible damage, disinfect them or clean them thoroughly. Next, the rubber part should be attached to the end of the longer part of the pipette adapted for this purpose. When properly placed, the rubber should fully adhere to the glass and cover both visible convexes and the three concaves on the neck. Once ready for use, place Stonsil™ in your mouth with the other end of the pipette towards the tonsils. They are located in the back of the mouth just behind the visible palatoglossal arch. When applying the other hole of the pipette to the tonsils, press the rubber to allow the created vacuum to suck in the stones located outside and inside the tonsil crevices. It is recommended to proceed slowly and carefully when using Stonsil™ for the first time. This procedure should be repeated until satisfactory results are achieved and symptoms on both sides of the mouth disappear. If a large amount of tonsil stones is sucked in at the same time, the pipette and the rubber should be cleaned again before the remaining stones are removed. Excessive production of saliva may occur during and immediately after using Stonsil™, as well as discomfort where tonsil stones are removed. These symptoms are completely natural for the body and should subside shortly after the stones are removed from the tonsils and their crevices. If tonsil irritation occurs, such as mild pain, refrain from using Stonsil™ until these symptoms disappear. It is recommended to replace the pipette and the rubber part if they are damaged or worn, at least once every 6 months. After each use, Stonsil™ should be disassembled and then disinfected or thoroughly cleaned and dried.\n


Stonsil™ should not be used if irritation of the mouth occurs. It is not recommended to use this product if you are taking medications or have chronic diseases, especially those related to the upper respiratory tract. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as people after surgery, should consult a doctor or a specialist before using Stonsil™. The product may only be used by one and the same person after the first use. It is intended only for home use by adults and healthy people.

How to Store

Stonsil™ is resistant to environmental factors, but storing it in a dry and cool place away from light may extend its lifetime. It should be protected against mechanical damage. After each use, put Stonsil™ back in the original packaging, out of the reach of children.


If an allergic reaction or any adverse effects appear, stop using the product and seek medical attention immediately. Should you have any doubts or health issues, seek advice from a doctor or other specialist before using the Stonsil™ pipette for the first time.