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Tonsil stones

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Stonsil™ pipette for removing tonsil stones Stonsil™ pipette for removing tonsil stones

The most effective method for removing tonsil stones is to use the Stonsil™ medical pipette, which allows for completely safe and effective removal at home.

The Stonsil™ pipette removes tonsil stones, which are located not only on the outside, but also inside the tonsil crevices.

Advantages and features of the Stonsil™ pipette

Adjustable suction force
Adjustable suction force thanks to the rubber part
Effective removal
Special shape to increase efficiency
Easy to clean
Removable rubber makes it easy to clean the entire pipette
High-quality materials
Durable and safe pipette made of borosilicate glass
Stonsil™ pipette for removing tonsil stones
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Shipping within 24 hours
Stonsil™ pipette for removing tonsil stones

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Stonsil™ pipette for removing tonsil stones
Stonsil™ pipette for removing tonsil stones Stonsil™

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Helps with daily oral hygiene

Durable and completely safe

Removes up to 100% of tonsil stones

Easy to use even at home

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The reviews were added by verified users who have purchased Stonsil™

Works from the first use of the pipette

The pipette did a great job with troublesome tonsil stones. It actually works from the first use of the pipette and since I've been using it regularly, I haven't noticed a recurrence of the problem.

Stonsil™ - Daniel from Dallas Daniel from Dallas
July 5, 2023
Effectively removes tonsil stones

Since using Stonsil™ I got rid of both tonsil stones and recurrent throat infections. The pipette effectively removes tonsil stones and is completely safe for health.

Stonsil™ - Ania z Poznania Scarlett from Atlanta
August 2, 2023
Combats all symptoms of tonsil stones

Stonsil™ combats all symptoms of tonsil stones. Since I use the pipette, I got rid of the problem of unpleasant mouth odor.

Stonsil™ - Natalie from Denver Natalie from Denver
July 25, 2023
Prevents the recurrence of tonsil stones

The Stonsil™ pipette actually heals and prevents the recurrence of tonsil stones. Importantly, the product is simple and safe for me in everyday use.

Stonsil™ - Jacob from Detroid Jacob from Detroid
May 29, 2023
It helps in keeping the throat clean

An effective tool in the fight against the problem of tonsil stones. The Stonsil™ pipette completely heals tonsil stones and helps to maintain throat hygiene.

Stonsil™ - Krzysztof z Gdańska Jackson from Boston
July 22, 2023
Necessary in the prevention of stones

The Stonsil™ pipette is necessary in the prevention of stones. I use it both for my patients and for my own oral hygiene.

Stonsil™ - Ethan from Seattle Ethan from Seattle
June 1, 2023
Recommended by otolaryngologists

The pipette is recommended by otolaryngologists, so I also recommend it to my patients. Regular use of Stonsil™ allows you to heal sick throat tonsils.

Stonsil™ - Ava from San Francisco Ava from San Francisco
May 19, 2023
Removes accumulated stones

The pipette is perfect for the daily care of the tonsils. Removes accumulated tonsil stones and treats inflammation of the throat.

Stonsil™ - Mia from Miami Mia from Miami
May 21, 2023


What are tonsil stones

Tonsil stones, also known as tonsil plugs, are small and hard structures located in the hollows of the tonsils. Tonsil stones are usually bright in color, irregularly shaped and small in size, and can be made of both lymphoid tissue and bacterial mass, which is the body's natural flora. They can be located outside and inside the crypts that occur near the tonsils on both sides of the throat just behind the palatine arch. In this way, the stones block the natural processes of cleansing the tonsillar crypts from epithelial cells and pathogenic microorganisms. For this reason, although tonsil stones themselves are not a direct threat to life, they can significantly reduce the body's immunity. Untreated tonsil stones can lead to inflammation and related complications in the lymphatic system of the throat, as well as other unpleasant and noticeable effects for the body. Tonsil stones are a common disease phenomenon, which, according to the latest statistical data, affects up to every tenth person in the world. Thanks to this, the formation of tonsil stones is a process well known in the medical industry, and the phenomenon itself has been repeatedly subjected to scientific research. Despite this, Stonsil™ is the only product in the world that allows effective and safe removal of tonsil stones. By choosing the Stonsil™ product, you can therefore fully take care of oral hygiene, and thus restore the efficiency of the adenoids and prevent diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

What causes tonsil stones

While there is no one specific cause of tonsil stones, there are some factors that can influence the process. First of all, it should be noted that tonsil stones can form in a completely natural way, so they are related to the anatomical structure of the throat and the work of the lymphatic system in it. Tonsil stones are most often formed in crypts, i.e. small channels used to cleanse the body and defend it against microbes. The most common reasons for the formation of tonsil stones include the lack of proper oral hygiene, as well as chronic throat infections, which can lead to scarring of the tonsil crypts, and thus reduce their permeability. All this, together with the remnants of food in the tonsil canals, can lead to the development of anaerobic bacteria and the formation of tonsil stones. There are also scientific studies in which it has been shown that among people suffering from this condition, the formation of stones can also be caused by the too small size of the openings of the tonsillar crypts, which prevents their self-cleaning. Regardless of the cause of tonsil stones, Stonsil™ allows you to completely and safely remove tonsil stones and related symptoms.

What are the symptoms of tonsil stones

Although tonsil stones can give visible symptoms, very often they are formed in an imperceptible way, which is why a large part of the society that suffers from this ailment is not aware of it. However, if pain is felt at the place where they occur, it most likely means tonsillitis, and perhaps also a related throat infection. Tonsil stones themselves are very often the cause of unpleasant odor from the mouth, which is the greatest discomfort for most people. It happens that tonsil stones also cause problems in swallowing food, which may be related to lower production of saliva. Due to the anatomical structure of the upper respiratory tract, tonsil stones can cause not only pain and swelling of the throat, but also the ear. It is assumed that tonsil stones are also a direct cause of tinnitus known in medicine as tinnitus. In extreme situations, and if tonsil stones are left untreated, they can lead to loss of taste, speech difficulties, and even serious illnesses such as bronchitis or pneumonia. The easiest way, however, is to notice tonsil stones directly in the throat as small deposits of irregular shape and light color, which can be located on both sides of the tonsils. If more tonsil stones accumulate, in some circumstances they may even be removed spontaneously. However, this happens extremely rarely, so in order to avoid complications related to the formation and retention of tonsil stones, it is worth using Stonsil™. Our product not only effectively removes up to 100% of tonsil stones, but also allows you to completely get rid of all related symptoms after the first use.

How to treat tonsil stones

Although tonsil stones are in medicine classified as a disease phenomenon and indicate some kind of disorders on the part of the lymphatic system, there is no method to finally get rid of them from the body. This is due to the fact that tonsil stones are formed during the natural work of the tonsils, so even the best methods of cleaning the mouth and throat cannot cope with this problem. Medicine is also helpless in this case, because there are currently no treatments that can reduce the amount of tonsil stones created by the body, or the symptoms associated with them. This means that the only way to cure this ailment is to limit the causes of their formation and regular removal of stones in the crypts of the tonsils. It is also important to take care of lymphatic drainage, which facilitates the self-cleaning of the palatine tonsils from food remnants and microorganisms. Stonsil™ is the only product available on the market that allows you to remove all stones both inside and outside the tonsil crypts. In addition, regular use of Stonsil™ allows you to significantly improve the work of the lymphatic system, which includes the tonsils. Regular use of Stonsil™ is not only completely safe, but also recommended by otolaryngologists around the world as an effective method of fighting tonsil stones.

How to use a pipette to remove stones

As soon as you order and receive the Stonsil™ kit from us, you will find a pipette and eraser that, when assembled, are a complete and effective product for removing tonsil stones. Assembly of these elements is child's play, and you can read about how to do it in the instructions that you will find on our website in all languages. When you do this, you can use the Stonsil™ pipette and start removing tonsil stones. This process is carried out completely naturally and safely for the body using the vacuum appearing in the pipette just after pressing the eraser. This means Stonsil™ works anytime, anywhere and without the need for batteries like other hygiene devices on the market. Before you start removing tonsil stones in the throat, clean the pipette with the same means that you use for oral hygiene and make sure that there are no food residues in it. Open your mouth and point the open tip of the pipette at the location of the tonsil stones and gently press the eraser as hard as you want to suck up the deposits in the throat. Finally, remove the pipette from the mouth and repeat the whole process until you are sure that all tonsil stones and related symptoms have disappeared. Remember that only regular use of Stonsil™ will allow you to completely heal from tonsil stones, and the pipette itself should be replaced at least once every 6 months to maintain hygiene and the highest efficiency.

Is the use of Stonsil™ safe

Yes! The Stonsil™ product is made of materials that are completely safe for health, such as high borosilicate glass, which is widely used in the medical industry around the world. This means that the use of the pipette included in the Stonsil™ set is completely safe for health. You can also use Stonsil™ on a regular basis to help your tonsils work and remove stones around them. Stonsil™ does not cause any side effects and is the only product in the world that allows you to remove tonsil stones and related symptoms after the first use. Daily tonsil hygiene with Stonsil™ reduces the frequency of stone recurrence by gently draining the lymphatic portion of the upper respiratory tract. All this meant that Stonsil™ is recommended by otolaryngologists around the world as the only effective method of fighting tonsil stones.

How to remove stones using methods

Although tonsil stones are a common and bothersome ailment, there are currently no conventional methods of combating this phenomenon. For this reason, many people struggling with the problem of tonsil stones are looking for home remedies to get rid of them. When choosing one of them, you should pay special attention to ensure that the removal of tonsil stones is not only effective, but above all safe for your health. Therefore, it is recommended to use only proven home remedies that allow you to completely remove tonsil stones without causing side effects. One of them is the Stonsil™ pipette, which is currently the most effective and safest method of removing tonsil stones without leaving home. Using the Stonsil™ pipette is not only extremely simple, but also extremely effective in removing tonsil stones and preventing their re-accumulation in the mouth. Therefore, it is not only the best home method for removing tonsil stones, but also the only right choice for people struggling with this problem. In addition, regular use of the Stonsil™ product allows you to take care of your oral hygiene and increase the body's immunity by draining the lymphatic system.
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